Friday, December 15, 2006

Family Issues and Sleeping Disorders

First, let me say that I love Dawn, I totally heart her so, I am just so tired of her being tired all the time and ignoring the fucking family faux paws that do exist.

It's Friday night, we're not doing anything tonight, nothing planned, you know why? Because I did not plan something and also because it's Friday, we're trying to save money, I had a sigmoid done today, etc., there are other underlying factors of why we did not do something today and why we are home, besides the fact that I did not plan something.

I am irritated, she's a sleep. She went to sleep last night at 7:15 or so and slept through the night, I know she works hard and gets up early and all that stuff, but she's had this tired issue her whole life. I wonder how things will be different when we have a child or if it will be with regard to this and her inputs.

I am also irritated by the constant family issues with her side of the family, which I won't go into on here for privacy issues, but it's annoying and I am tried of being annoyed, I don't know.


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