Friday, December 08, 2006

Cancer and Chemo Free, it's all downhill from here

I am cautiously optimistic. I had a petscan done last week, last Saturday to be exact, looking for any new cancer or any of the lingering old, it came back CLEAN! I am so estatic about the good news. I've decided to stop the Xeloda, I've taken a total of three months chemotherapy, which traditionally for my type of cancer, stage IIA colon, you don't typically do chemo, specifically when it did not spread to the lymph nodes. I must say I've been totally blessed and thankful that this year has been so wonderful. Sure, I had my entire large intestine and appendix removed, but I had a great surgeon, my recovery wasn't so bad, I was only out of work for four months, and I worked about 1.5 of that while I was out.

Dawn's recently got a raise and so did I. I am determined to get us out of debt and on track.

My insurance covers 10K for fertility as a lifetime. We would like to go to Shady Grove Fertility in Annapolis and do IVF, however, our last consult with them didn't bode well, so we're considering Columbia Fertility Associates in DC. We also chose a donor, a black donor, initially from Fairfax Cryobank, when I was going to carry and use my egg, however, now with my genetic mutation of colon cancer, we've decided not to use my egg, especially since the black donor we selected had a history of colon cancer on his mother's side. We choose a white donor and now I've recently found out that he is on quarantine because some of the offspring he has produced apparently have a medical issue, of which the cryobank will not say.

It's on to new donors? Possibly.

I hope the new year brings new news and tidings of joy and great health.


Anonymous Liza said...

Before we moved to Atlanta, we used Columbia -- Dr Sacks.

You may want to check out the forums at babyblogorama, which are also includes forums. :)

And I'm adding you to the TTC and interracial families blogrolls at LF.

12/09/2006 10:12 AM  

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