Thursday, February 22, 2007

If stress is a killer, how come I am not dead yet? Same soup different bowl

Ugh, I need a vacation, from everyone, just to get away....literally. I have had a rough year so far. Classes started, I missed one whole week, my father had a minor heart procedure, his car dies, heater goes up for a day, has to stay with me for a night, my sister and I got him a new car from my other sister, i took off a half day from work today to catch up on school and to get his car changed over for him, I did my nieces taxes with her, our taxes got hosed by the tax lady, of which, I caught the error, I am going to call the IRS to double check on that one. I am not a happy camper. I ordered sperm yesterday from the cryobank and then felt like I was going to throw up afterwards. It was an odd feeling. 635 dollars later, we have some swimmers on ice. 2 vials of an ID consent donor with an SAT score of 1380 and a high school gpa of 3.91 and a college gpa of 3.40 so he can't be too dumb. We're going to use Dawn's eggs, and my uterus, hopefully if all goes well. I go to the doc today to talk about more or less chemo :-), the possibility of whatever this bloodly phelgm is and getting the fucking mediport taken out, before september of this year, because heparin and babies don't mix. I am down to about 174. I started back on the weight loss plan. Dawn has gained about 6 pounds of the 30 she's lost.

I am so stressed about everything. I am sick of being everyone's back bone. I really am. It's so deafing and draining.ugh.......well ta ta for now, I am off to the doctors and to get my father to help him out, same soup different bowl!


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