Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cancer Patient

I now know what it feels like to be a cancer patient. Todays marks the 4th week anniversary of my surgery. I feel much better than I initially did, however, I finally found out what this irritating right sided pain was, I have a mass on my ovary, they think it's an ovarian cyst. It's larger than 5 cm. It's a pain in the ass, in 6 weeks I have to have another sono to see if it is still there, if it isn't then I need to have it surgically removed. It's been here for 6 weeks, I had this pain prior to surgery and everyone, including myself assumed it was the cancer, well it's not, or it could possibly be, what if my cancer started there and spread to my colon? I can't help but think and worry about that possibility. I better write more tomorrow because my ass is starting to get numb and my back hurts-constant reminders of the bullshit of this healing process.